A  Day Celebrating Seventy Years

Almost to the day of the formation of the Unit in October 1941, Lord David Puttnam opened the celebratory lunch at the Imperial War Museum,  telling the guests how much he appreciated the opportunity to acknowledge not only the role and achievements of the AFPU, but also to realise the significance of his father Len’s membership as a Sergeant cameraman.

A short film written and compiled by Hilary Roberts traced the role of photographers in war time action, mostly, with a few exceptions, unrecognised and unacknowledged.

In recent times the profile of the Unit has risen, due in no small measure to the strengthening relationship with serving photographers and cameramen, whose experiences are so similar to their forerunners.

Earlier, the guests enjoyed viewing the excellent winning entries in the third annual  photographic competition for both the ‘professionals’ and amateurs in several categories, illustrating the high technical and pictorial standards.

Film by Hilary Roberts