Imperial War Museum Reunion

A strong and happy relationship with members and the staff has grown and been enjoyed over the years as information and research has reinforced the archives of material produced by the AFPU.

Kay Gladstone has handled film and Hilary Roberts the stills library and such has been the bond that they generously accepted our invitation to become honourary members of the AFPU. Since the "Mucky Duck" in Tudor Street expired,  re-unions have been held and enjoyed in different places and for our last reunion Hilary invited us to the IWM where the veterans met and were joined by the serving cameramen not then deployed in Afghanistan, and representatives from TA Media Ops.

Lt. Col. Tim Purbrick  explained the roll of todays Media Operations which, as well as photography, now includes broadcasting and TV coverage, documenting the action and serving as public relations links with the Press and TV. As in the past, service cameramen and journalists have to be trained to look after themselves and not endanger others, and whereas the time between the action and publication was days, technology is now as it happens, placing much greater responsibility on the Operation.

A display of old equipment and archival albums proved a source of interest for young and old and in particular it was a great thrill for Des Davis to locate and identify in a couple of minutes negatives he shot in Java in 1945.

When films were screened in the cinema Paul Clark was both surprised and delighted to see for the first time his coverage of the Japanese surrender ceremony in Kuala Lumpar in February 1946 ( It is not known why it was 5 months after VJ Day)

Pictures by IWM photographers, click photo to enlarge


Angus Beaton

Hilda Varley & Gloria Hutchins

The Group

Bill Evans

Peter & Liz Higgins

Peter Norris

Lt Col Tim Purbrick

John Aldred

Peter & Pam Norris

Rex Ebbetts, Anne & Bob Ames

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