When You’re A Smiler

In the 70 years since the formation of the Unit few books have covered the exploits of the AFPU. Ian Grants “Cameramen At War” was the only one until Alan Whicker related his experiences in “Whicker’s War”  reflecting two TV features retracing his steps from the Desert to Italy.
At the end of 2010 Dr Fred McGlade’s “History of the British Army Film & Photographic Unit” an in depth research, was published.

Now a new book, “When You’re a Smiler”, has been  written by Nigel Smales, son of Eddie ‘Smiler’ Smales one of the earliest recruits to the AFPU, serving with No 1 Unit Cairo in the Desert at Alamein, before moving to No 5  Europe as a Sgt Cine cameraman. The war with Japan ended before he could be deployed there but post war he continued filming for several feature films, and later re engaged his war time skills when covering several other conflicts before covering  news events for the BBC until his retirement.

Now on sale at £16.99 plus p&p from www.lulu.com and it can be previewed at